Health patch healed pain from accident

Peter Salocher - Fri December 09th Grainbrunn, Austria

I want to report about two cases of accidents I had.

I fell very hard on my hip, at home. We have stone tiles on the floor. It hitted the side, where the Trochanter is situated. Normally this woud take a few weeks for healing with heavy pain, mainly in the first days, but I instantly putted a Healthpatch with the Co2/ZnO2 on my hip and let it there for three days, day and night. I never had any pain, not right after, not the first day nore later. No blemishes, nothing. It just felt wonderful.

Another accident I had, slipping of the ground on a little water that was there, i fell very hard on the edges of a small table and it was hitting right on my ribs. I already had ones such a accident and then it took me more then two month for full recovering. At that time I went to a doctor and he told me that a contusion of the ribs, is worse than a broken rib.

Not this time, i putted a big healthpatch with Co2/ZnO2 on my ribs an it stood there for three days. From the moment i had it on i felt no more pain and after three days i thought it was completly gone and took the patch away. But then the next day i suddently felt a pain, not very strong . Again i slept one night with the Healthpach an in the morning all was good and still is.

The only thing i am not quite sure about is, did i maybe provoce these accidents, because i was so curious to know how good these Helthpatches are working, it could very well be?


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