Earth Council

In November 2016, M.T. Keshe selected 6 people to represent the 6 continents. They work with world leaders to bring peace and abundance to humanity. It works directly with the Universal Council to address world issues.


Univeral Council

Formed in May 2016, the Universal Council was created to address the concerns of the people. The 144 members represent 144 languages. It will replace the United Nations. They are not elected but are self-selected based on the will of their souls. The Universal Council holds no power but acts only as an advisory.


Vietnamese Public Teaching

This is a an archive of the Vietnamese Public Teaching on Keshe Plasma Technology every Sunday at 2pm Vietnam time, 8am UK, 3am NY, and 12am California. It goes over topics covered in the English Knowledge Seeker and Gardener Workshops. It also include information shared by the public and events from the live Gans/Magrav workshops.


English Public Teaching for Gardeners

This is a public workshop for gardeners that has branched off from the Private Agricultural Teaching. It takes place once a week on Sunday at 3pm Vietnam time, 7pm Australia, 12am California, and 3am NY.


English Knowledge Seeker Workshop

This is the original English Knowledge Seeker Workshop taught by M.T. Keshe every Thursday at 9am Central European Time, 3am NY, 12am California, and 3pm Vietnam. If English is not a barrier, we recommend everyone to listen to this teaching.


Public Meetings for Testimonials

This is a public teaching to share testimonials regardless of language. The beauty of Keshe Plasma Technology is the desire and willingness of people to share openly what they know.

Knowledge Seeker Workshop Index

The amount of information in the Knowledge Seeker Workshops is enormous. This site makes it easier to search different teachings with a brief summary of the topics covered in each workshop.

KFSSI Education Center

This is where we apply to become a full-time KFFSI student to have access to all the private teachings for only a 100 euro donation. For 6 hours of teaching 5 days a week for year, this is a gift to humanity.

Keshe Foundation Forum

This forum is also a must visit for those starting out with basic or even advanced questions. Come to the forum to ask or share your plasma experience with other knowledge seekers!



Plasmatic First Aid

We love this reference card. It is a great tool to hang on the fridge as a reminder or as a hand-out to people at workshops. This is one of the beautiful byproducts of sharing Keshe Plasma freely. The chart summarizes the function, production, and applications of the major Gans.