Magrav Workshop

This is a mini workshop showing people how to make a home magrav unit from start to finish. We made the magrav unit using everday materials we can find at our local home improvement store. The coiling machine we built from scratch with 4 pieces of 18″ x 18″ wood. There is no wrong way of making a magrav unit. We just need to use our imagination and be creative in the process. Most important of all, have fun doing it!


Gans Workshop

This first Gans Workshop is a collaboration between Vietnamese and Iranian. It was a blast! Time flew by so fast. Before we knew it 5 hours has past. People get to make their own Gans setup to take home. We also made plenty of pain pads to give away to everyone at the workshop. People were able to feel the effect immediately upon using it. We used CO2/ZnO for the Gans. We mixed a little of the Gans into the pads as well not just the liquid plasma. We look forward to the next one. See you there!


Agriculture Experiment #1

First rice experiment in Vietnam on 1-30-2017. This is the result of our unofficial rice experiment. We received 7500kg of rice for 12,500m2. That is an average of 600kg per 1000m2. Only 2500m2 were planted with CO2, which got about 1800kg of rice. It comes out to 720kg for 1000m2. The other 10,000m2 got 570kg per 1000m2. This comes out to a 26% increase in yield with the usage of CO2 Gans. All the seeds were soaked with CO2 liquid plasma before planting. The CO2 Gans were applied late, 1 month after the seeding. Compare to other farmers, we yielded roughly 50% higher.


Agriculture Experiment #2

Second rice experiment in Vietnam on 5-1-2017. This experiment has not concluded. It will be completed on 8-12-2017. We are excited to see the results as it looks very promising.


Agriculture Experiment #3

I have about 18 logan trees not bearing fruits after many years of using chemical fertilizers. Two trees I applied health patches. The other 16 trees I watered with liquid plasma of CO2, CH3, and Sea90 once a week for 3 months. Since I treated the trees just after the flower season, I was not able to see the whole result right away. The logan trees did bear fruits with some of the flowers that bloomed off season. I am optimistic that next season will produce many logan fruits! UPDATE: The logan trees did not bear much fruits which I believe is due to the depleted soil after many years of usage. I don't know how to make potassium Gans. I am working to address this problem. I am also working on replenishing the soil using Gans. I am thinking of going a different route than normal in which I will feed the Soul of the trees/plants which in turn will feed its physicality. I think that will be easier than feeding the physicality of the trees/plants.


Agriculture Experiment #4

The rambutan orchard started producing much less fruits after a few years. It uses no fertilizer or pesticide. I placed 4 plastic bottles filled with 3 different 2ml glass Gans bottles of CH3, CO2, and Sea90 into the 4 ditches for the past 3 months, the rambutan trees started to produce much more flowers than last year. Over 90 percent of the trees yielded flowers. I think not all trees yielded flowers because I did not used enough Gans to cover the 3000 square meter.