Observer Effect

Co-Creative Consciousness and Plasma Products

What is the effect of our belief consciously or otherwise on Keshe Plasma Technology? I have been asked that question many times. My wishful thinking was hoping it to be negligible in the range of 10-20 percent. In reality I think it can be up to 100% as current science has already proven the observer effect.

Keshe plasma products are not just any new technology but intelligent energy with its own consciousness although limited from our perspective and understanding. For it to be totally effective, we must engage it on a conscious level with positive intention. Mental resistance will only cause the product to not work as intended.

This is only my personal observation from many failed attempts to achieve the desire results. I was not able to find people in alignment with me to test the products I made. Secondly, I relied on someone else to go find candidates to test. The only successful test was when I was personally at the site to witness the installation of the product. I believe my presence influenced the result.

The incident above was not the first time I noticed the observer effect. The first time involves the magrav house unit. The person was not able to get the official KF magrav home unit to work with many failed attempts. When I was there to witness, it works no problem. I hope my experience gives others a better understanding of Keshe Plasma Technology.

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