The house magrav is the flagship product of Keshe Plasma Technology. It can reduce energy consumption up to 30%. If connected to a fridge, it can slowly nano-coat the whole house turning it into a generator within the first year. We can connect two house magravs together creating a feedback loop further increasing the effectiveness of the device to reduce energy consumption up to 80%. Most of us that are on a limited budget can use the extra savings on food and other necessities.



The Pain Pen, Pain Pad, and Health Unit are the three main products offered by Keshe Foundation in this area. They use the gravitational and magnetic fields interactions to treat many symptoms like back pain, headache, and rash. Advancement in this technology has made it possible to create an environment where the diseases can't exist. We can use liquid plasma injection onsite to drain the energy out of cancers, tumors, and AIDS viruses; thus neutralizing them completely without the need for expensive and dangerous treatments offered by conventional medicine.


Keshe Plasma Technology is changing the way we grow food completely. We no longer need to use toxic chemical fertilizers and pesticides. We no longer need crop rotation. We no longer need to deplete the limited minerals. We no longer need to eat food depraved of nutrition. We can finally stop slaughtering the bees that will lead to human extinction. Thanks to Keshe Plasma Technology, we can now use different Gans like CO2 to grow healthy food that is bigger, more abundant, and able to harvest sooner. People no longer need to go hungry.



Pollution is a big concern for humanity at the moment, especially with nuclear meltdown like Fukushima. Keshe Plasma Technology can assist in removing radiation from the environment. It can also clean and purify water safe to drink. The applications are limitless in what it can do to clean the Earth.


Space, the final frontier. It is no longer a dream. We can join Captain Kirk and Jean-Luc Piccard in exploring the Universe. We can go where no man has gone. Chart unexplored territories. Meet other civilizations. We can use gravitational and magnetic fields interactions to create shielding and travel many times faster than the speed light. Mankind can now join the Universal Community as equal.