Our Approach

KF Vietnam International provides free training of Keshe Plasma Technology to humanity through public workshops and online webinars. It shows people how to nano-coat, make Gans, and build magrav units along with explaining the theories behind Keshe Plasma. It also teaches people how to apply Keshe Plasma Technology toward energy, health, agriculture, and space all under the ethos of One Planet, One Nation, One Race.


Our Story

On May of 2016, three Vietnamese people attended the One Planet, One Nation, One Race event in Dubai, UAE. It is through this "chance" encounter that the seed for KF Vietnam International was planted. They wanted to change the path the world was heading. They wanted to be of service to humanity. It is through those common goals they bonded to form KF Vietnam Internationl to serve the Vietnamese communities worldwide.


Meet the Team

Of humble background and character, the Founders only wish is to serve humanity whole heartedly through their souls.

Mary Vu

Citizen of Earth Republic

Wayne Nguyen

Citizen of Earth Republic

Thinh Truong

Citizen of Earth Republic

One Planet, One Nation, One Race

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