Welcome to KF Vietnam International

KF Vietnam International is a non-profit organization founded to raise the awareness of the Vietnamese population to Keshe Plasma Technology by teaching the people its theories and applications in energy, health, agriculture, and space. Its ultimate goal is world peace through sharing the work of the Keshe Foundation, Universal Council, and Earth Council.

Keshe Plasma is a new technology based on gravitational and magnetic fields interactions taught by Mehran T. Keshe, founder of Keshe Foundation. Its primary goal is to help solve most of the world problems today like energy, health, food, and contamination. We can now effectively reduce our carbon imprint on the environment by reducing and/or eliminating the need to burn fossil fuels.

Thanks to Mehran T. Keshe, we now have a tool to clean up the environment and to raise our standard of living. It is the wish of KF Vietnam International to share this knowledge with everyone so we can live in peace and harmony as One Planet, One Nation, One Race.

Vietnamese Public Teaching

This is a free service to educate humanity on Keshe Plasma Technology. It is designed for the Vietnamese people worldwide. Anyone can attend to learn. People don't need scientific background or higher education to understand. This is simple enough that a house-wife can become a plasma scientist in her own kitchen!

The weekly class go over materials taught in the English Knowledge Seeker Workshop, English Public Teaching for Gardeners and Growers, Public Meetings for Testimonials, and other materials shared by the public. The class time runs anywhere from 2 to 4 hours long. Come join us live to share the plasma love!

Where to begin learning?

As a new plasma scientist, where do we start? We suggest people start of with reading these 3 books from M.T. Keshe: The Universal Order Of Creation Of Matters, The Structure Of The Light, and The Origin Of The Universe. We highly recommend applying to become a KFSSI student to get more in-depth knowledge. There are also a few videos people should start watching to get the fundamental basic of Keshe Plasma Technology.

Where to watch past teachings?

All the Vietnamese Public Teachings are recorded and stored on the official Keshe Foundation YouTube channel and server. We made it easy for people to access with a playlist mirrored on KF Vietnam International YouTube channel. People can also access all the past teachings on this site along with all the supported documents.

Where to learn more?

For those that wish to expand their minds further, they can attend the English Knowledge Seeker Workshop every Thursday at 9am CET. In this public teaching M.T. Keshe updates people on the latest development of Kehse Plasma Technology. Another place to explore is a Blog created by Truong Cong Duc whom has translated many of M.T. Keshe teachings into Vietnamese. We thank him for his dedication.

Become a KFSSI Student

Register with KFSSI to learn more in-depth about Keshe Plasma Technology. A 100 euro donation is required for complete access to all the private teachings in all languages for a year. Become a plasma scientist today!